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Sailor Moon Character Profile

Senshi of Gaurdians, Sailor Silver

Real Name: Ishogi Sho 
Birthday: Sept 16 
Sign: Virgo 
Bloodtype: O+  
Favorite Color: Red 
Hobbies: Books,Shinto 
Favorite Food: Wasabi 
Least Favorite Food: Spinach 
Favorite Subject: Mysticism 
Worst Subject: Logic  
Has trouble with: Emotions 
Strong Point:  Honor 
Dream: Fall in Love 
Favorite Gemstone: Amethyst


Sailor Silver is the only(known) senshi who is neither royalty nor female. His powers are more powerful than most of the senshi(Except Moon and Saturn),But his power is limited and he will fall unconciouss if he overdraws his power in a fight.

Powers & Attacks


Silver Accension :
Sho says this to turn into Sailor Silver

Silver Star Accension :
Sho says this to turn into Super Sailor Silver When in possesion of the Silver Millenium Saber

Quicksilver Flash :
Sailor Silver Charges his Aura through his Sword(Saber)and then Releases it as a Beam from the Tip of the blade.

Argent Shield :
Sailor Silver Creates a glowing wall of energy in front of Him about 5ftwide6fthigh

Argent Flare :
Sailor Silver Gathers the Energy from Argent Shield(see above) and forms a sphere of energy to attack with.

Quicksilver Flash Finale :
This is Sailor Silver's attack using the Silver Millenium Saber . It Charges as if he were going to do Quicksilver Flash(see above) but instead of throwing the energy he attacks with The Silver Millenium Saber instead.

Shien Choriki Dei Butsu Metsu :
This is an attack that Both Sho and Sailor Silver can do with a sword. It is a Dashing Sword strike, Followed by a rising(jumping) sword strike and followed by a downward thrust.



 Argent Shield

 Argent Flare

 Quicksilver Flash

 Quicksilver Flash Finale

 Sailor Silver Transformation Theme