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This is My first attempt at a Fanfic so all you C&C er's out there Please be Gentle.


An I was Bored and there was nothing Better to do Production


Based on a Strange Dream I had one Night after eating a Pastrami Sandwich.


<<<<<Sailor Moon - That which does not Kill you... >>>>>>

This story takes place in The Continuity of Sailor Moon ........Well it takes place somewhere.

The Characters Speech will be Translated to English Except where I feel it is Inappropriate.



"Welcome to Juuban, I hope your stay here will be a pleasant one" said the conductor of the train as the boy departed with his bags. The individual in question was a 5'9" auburn haired youth wearing a vest and jeans.

"Thank you. I hope so too." Said the boy , although not as enthusiastically .You see this was the first week as an Exchange Student and he would be starting school in 2 days. He reached into his backpack and pulled out a small stenographers notebook and looked around in it for a few moments before finally finding the page he was looking for.

"The address says it's this way. Hope it's not to far or hard to find." Thought the boy. After wandering the streets for a little while he finally found the right street and asked for directions to the Juuban Apartment Complex (1).A helpful old man pointed out that they were just up the street and after thanking him the youth waked to the building and inside.

"Lets see," the boy thought," the address says apartment 316A ." After careful deliberation he decided that three flights of stairs with 2 suitcases and a backpack were a little much so he took the elevator. Arriving on the third floor he smelled something exquisite cooking in one of the apartments.

"Well now," he thought," if it smells this good all the time I could get to like this place." After a few moments of checking he found 316A and knocked on the Door. A few moments later the door opened to show Makoto in an apron and the sweet smell grew in the hall.

"Excuse me are you Makoto?" The boy asked.

"Yes and you must be Sho." she smiled and said.

"Yes, Sho Ishogi at your service." he said as he bowed with a flourish.

"Bring in your stuff and I’ll serve you some dinner while we get you unpacked and settled in." said Makoto.


A few hours had passed during which Sho ate and unpacked into the small spare room. They had talked a little during the move and now were sitting in the kitchen and talking.

"Sho I've been meaning to ask you, If you're an American Exchange student why are your looks and speech so Japanese?" Makoto asked

"Oh, that one is simple my father was the grandson of a Japanese immigrant who came to America in 1909, and my mother is a Japanese student who fell in Love and attained citizenship 17 years ago. So if you want to be real technical I’m only American by birth and education both of my parents were of Japanese descent." Sho explained. "Also that is why I speak such natural Japanese I'm bilingual because my mother spoke Japanese and little English so I learned to speak Japanese For my mother."

"Well that makes sense. Did you learn anything else from your parents?" Makoto asked.

"Does being a 4th degree Black Belt in Jujitsu count. "Sho smiled.

Makoto stared thinking "Good looks and discipline, thank you Kami."

"4th Degree Black in Jujitsu. I only know a couple of people in this city who are that good and even less who are better." Makoto stated.

"It was nothing, my dad was an instructor and I started training as soon as I could walk." Sho stated proudly."I also know a little of the Shinto religion from my mother she was a Shinto priestess in training when she decided to go to school in America and gave it up."

"Oh really I'll have to introduce you to my friend Rei she is a Shinto priestess in training at the shrine on Cherry Hill."Makoto started,"But watch what you say around her she has a little temper problem."

"It must be part of the training my mother could verbally flay someone who set her off and boy does she set off easily."Sho laughed.

Just then there was a knock at the front door. Makoto went over to the door and walked back with Minako and Artemis in tow. "Sho , I’d like you to meet my good friend Minako Aino and her little friend there is Artemis, Minako this is Sho Ishogi a Foreign Exchange Student from America. He'll be staying here with me during the school year." Makoto introduced.

"Good to meet you, hopefully you and Makoto can be my friends while I'm here."Sho Bowed deeply.

Minako's eyes lit up as Sho bowed and her brain went into teen mode"Good Looking and polite I think I'll Be visiting Makoto a lot lately" She Thought.

Minako Turned to Makoto " Oh , I almost forgot why I came over," Minako started," Rei , Ami , Usagi and I were going shopping at the mall this evening and were wondering if you wanted to tag along. Sho I'm sure the girls wouldn't mind a new face at the mall with them, if you want to come too." ,Minako Smiled thinking "At least this one won't"

"I'll go if Makoto goes , else I'll probably never find my way back." Sho Smiled

"Sure I need a few spices and I here there is a new spice shop at the mall."Makoto said

"Alright then let me grab something from my bag. and we'll go" Sho said as he walked to his room.

After he left Minako whispered to Makoto. "By Kami he is gorgeous."

Artemis laughed at this.

Makoto glared at Minako "Hey I saw him first and he's staying with me!"

Minako eeped and backed up a step" Chill out I was just commenting."

"Sorry that was a little overbearing of me."Makoto apologized.

As Sho walked back in he handed a box to Makoto and Minako.

"What's this?" The girls stereoed

"A surprise." Sho grinned evilly and said.

The girls opened the boxes and ahh'ed . Minako's box held a charm bracelet with a heart on it.

Makoto's had about $200 American in Yen.

"Oh Sho you didn't have to do this we just met." said Minako.

"Ya Sho you didn't ." Makoto echoed

"Yes I did . The money is to help with my staying here and the charm bracelet, well, I brought some gifts for when I made some friends and Minako seems friendly." Sho explained.

"In that case we'll take them." The girls said after a few moments thought.

"Then shall we go." Said Sho as he thought, "My God I'm going shopping with two beautiful girls ,and, I haven't even seen what the other 2 look like."

After about a half-hour walk they arrive at the temple . Minako and Makoto walk right in with Sho right behind them.

"Hello Minako,Makoto . Who is your friend ?" said Ami.

"Oh, hi Ami, this is Makoto's roommate Sho Ishogi"said Minako.

"Roommate , I didn't know you had a roommate Makoto." Said Ami.

"He's a Foreign Exchange Student from America." Makoto replied

"You must be very intelligent to make it into the Foreign Exchange program." said Ami politely.

"Why thank you Ami . I appreciate the compliment." Sho said with just the right politeness .

"He is intelligent ,polite ,and good looking . Makoto has got a winner here." thought Ami.

"Where's Rei at Ami ?" Minako asked.

"She's inside the shrine right now. finishing up her chores." Ami replied.

"I'm going to take Sho in to introduce him ."Makoto stated.

"Ok me an Ami will wait Here." Minako smiled

Makoto and Sho were barely inside the shrine when Ami asked."Why are all the intelligent good looking ones taken." Ami Sighed .

"Who said he was taken. He's only staying at Makoto's. She hasn't hooked him yet." Minako smiled predatorily.

"Well, that's one plus anyway but it puts her one step up." Ami sighed again.

Meanwhile Artemis walked off into the Shrine..



"So you're staying with Makoto." Said Rei after being introduced.

"Yes. By the way I have something for you. Makoto said you were a Shinto priestess in training so I thought you might like This." Sho said as he held out a Haraigushi(2).

"Oh this is well made in the old style where did you get this!!?"Rei asked .

"My mother used to be a Shinto priestess in training herself. She made me two in case I lost mine but I thought it would make a nice gift so it's yours." Sho smiled.

"He's so thoughtful and a hunk too." Rei Thought."I appreciate this Sho , I can use one this well made." Rei thanked him.

" No problem . Like I was telling Makoto , I know a little of the Shinto religion you wouldn't happen to do Fire Readings would you.?"Sho asked.

"Why yes. Would you like to see?" Asked Rei

"And participate if I could. I know the ceremony inside and out but we never had a consecrated fire that I could practice with." Sho explained.

"Well I've never done a tandem but we can always try." Rei answered.

The two walk over too the Sacred Fire . Sho pulls out his own Haraigushi And begins to chant in time with Rei. There is a flash and then Sho's eyes go white for a split second. Rei finishes chanting and looks at Sho who is still in a trance.

"Sho, Sho hello anyone home." She says while waving a hand in front of his eyes.

Sho shakes his head and his eyes return to normal. " That was strange I saw five planets and then the moon in quick succession . Then I saw your hand and was back here." Sho said a little in awe.

"And this was your first Try." Rei asked .while Makoto sat digesting what he had just said.

"Yes , but like I said I knew the ceremony and believed it would work. Wonder what my vision meant though?" Sho said scratching his head.

" I don't know. "Rei replied while thinking "Except for maybe....Nahhh"

"Well we better get going if were going to the mall." Makoto inserted in.

"You're right the others must be getting bored outside" Sho slapped his head.

Unbeknownst to the trio Artemis had seen and heard the conversation and he was wondering the same thing as Rei.


The trio walked outside to find Minako and Ami chatting with another girl.

As Sho saw this he said," Hello you must be Usagi. My name is Sho Ishogi."

"Why, yes I am."started Usagi,"Minako tells me you are staying with Makoto, Sho."

"She has been very kind to let me stay as a guest in her home while I’m in japan."Sho replied turning and smiling at Makoto. Sho reached into his backpack and rummaged around for a few minutes before sighing. Turning back to Usagi, "I gave gifts to everyone But I seem to have forgotten you and Ami , Usagi. Tell you what you take This ," Sho says as he hands a small Box of salt-water taffy to Usagi,"and I’ll get Ami something at the Mall."

Usagi (already halfway through the box) mumbles around the gummy Taffy ,"Thamk oo Shuu."

The Group Leaves for the mall. Meanwhile Artemis has left on his own.




"Luna " says Artemis "There is something strange about the exchange student staying with Makoto."Artemis continues" He did a fire reading with Rei and claimed he saw five planets and the moon in quick succession"

Luna nods " That is a tad strange should we keep an eye on him."

"Yes. I’ll go catch up with the girls and this Sho and you stay here in case there is trouble. I may need backup and if we both go noone is left to pull our fat from the fryer." Artemis replied.

"Ok , but be careful Artemis there aren’t so many of us Guardian cats around that we can afford to lose one." Luna said in a sarcastic voice.

At this Artemis left to catch the girls at the mall.




"This is Great,"thought Sho, "Here I am in Japan only a few hours and I already managed to make four friends."

Ami was standing off to the left of Sho holding a box which held a Dazz drive for her computer at home, which Sho had gotten her earlier,thinking "Sho is such a nice boy but with him staying with Makoto it may cause problems if the Senshi are needed."

"Hey how bout we get something to eat guys." Usagi((of course)) said.

"Is there anytime you aren’t hungry Usagi." Rei started

A tongue war started between Usagi and Rei but was cut off by Sho neat Reply"That’s a good idea, I haven’t eaten since before Minako showed up at Makoto’s place earlier."

"See , Rei somebody here agrees with me." Usagi crowed at her sudden defense

The five go to an restaurant where they eat and talk. After they are done and just as they are getting up to leave, screams are heard from the hall. As the front window of the restaurant bust in revealing what appears to be a four armed woman dressed in full plate armor.

"Ah fresh targets," Said the creature as she picks up a table," and here is a table just for me."She flings the table straight at Makoto but Sho pushes her out of the way and gets knocked across the room by the table, where he crashes into a wall and slides down to the floor unconscious. The creature laughs and mocks"Aww you little friend seems to be quite the brave, err I mean ,stupid one."

Makoto runs over to Sho and pulls the table off of him.She then turns to the creature and says" That is going to cost you extra freak."

The girls noticing that the restaurant is empty now cry out.


Moon Crystal Power Make Up…

Mars Star Power Make Up…

Venus Star Power Make Up…

Mercury Star Power Make Up…

Jupiter Star Power Make Up…


"You hurt my friend and now by the power of Jupiter you’ll pay." Sailor Jupiter stuck a pose and cried out."Take This. ……SUPREME THUNDER……" and a blast of lightning flies at the creature and hits it knocking it down.

Sailor Moon then cries out,"MOON HEALING ESCALATION…"and a bright white light destroys the creature.The Senshi then turn around and go to Sho to make sure he’s alright.Artemis runs in Just as Sho regains consciousness with a groan.

Sho shakes his head a few times and then says,"Hey Makoto what’s with the Getup."

The Senshi all gasp.


End Chapter 1

Well Write and tell me how you liked it.


Notes (1) if anyone Knows the actual name of this Building Please mail Me.

(2) Haraigushi


A ritual implement used in harae. Linen or paper streamers are attached to a wooden stick, which is waved to the left, right, and left. Other implements used in harae include the ônusa, a branch of the sacred sakaki tree or other evergreen to which linen or paper streamers are attached, and the

Konusa, a smaller version used for self-purification by the individual.