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This is My first attempt at a Fanfic so all you C&C er's out there Please be Gentle.

An I was Bored and there was nothing Better to do Production

Based on a Strange Dream I had one Night after eating a Pastrami Sandwich.

<<<<<Sailor Moon - That which does not Kill you... >>>>>>


Chapter Two ... WTF is happening...


All Characters are the Property of Naoko except Sho who is my Brainchild


This story takes place in The Continuity of Sailor Moon ........Well it takes place somewhere.

The Characters Speech will be Translated to English Except where I feel it is Inappropriate.


Later on at the Shrine...

"So your telling me that you," said Sho, pointing at the five girls "are some kinda all girl superhero team? Why do I have the feeling I don't want to hear the answer to that." He said as he slapped his forehead...hard.

Sailor Mars moves closer to Sho and says " Well , I guess now we know why you had that vision in the Fire Reading."

"What are you saying? That I am supposed to know about this for some reason?" Sho blurted out obviously freaking out a bit.

"I can't think of any other reason why you'd have had that kind of vision."She replied."But what I can't understand is why."

Just then Artemis and Luna walked in. Seeing that Sho knew about the senshi they decided to join the conversation. Artemis Began"He must be either from the Silver Millenium or the Dark Kingdom. Mercury can you scan him with you computer?" Sailor Mercury took out the small computer and her visor and Proceeded to walk around Sho studying him intently. After a few Minutes She raised her visor," I'm not picking up any dark energy from him but he does have a curiously high mystic reading ,almost as high as Rei's."

"Say what......" Sho and Sailor Mars stereoed.

"I said his reading is nearly as High as yours. To be precise his reading is about .005 less than yours, as Rei not Sailor Mars mind you your Rating is twice as High then." Mercury explained.

"So your saying I'm some kind of wizard or monk or priest or somesuch?" Sho stammered out."Isn't there some other reason? I don't think I like the Idea of being some kind of Mystic."

"You obviously have some mystic potential but that's all its just potential, Like a candle before its lit, The potential for light is there but it hasn't been lit yet. Light the candle and you have light. Understand?" Sailor Mercury continued.

"The potentiality theorem states that an object displays potential in ratio to it's actual level." Sho started "So , I'm going to be even more Mystical if this gets activated fully?"

Mercury , a little startled by his remark," Wait a Minute he's right. If his potential is Activated he will be," punches a few keys on the computer," approximately 8.5% stronger. Which is only slightly lower than Sailor Moon herself and .1 higher than Sailor Mars." She finished.

"Say what..." Mars and Sho stereoed... again.


Meanwhile just 20 meters away A dark shadow had just Appeared and was listening intently.

"Nearly as powerful as Sailor Moon! He must be turned to our force or it will go Badly." gaped the shadowed form in surprise.


Sho and Sailor mars suddenly perked up and began looking around.

"I sense some Dark Energy nearby." Said Sailor Mars.

"I... I... I feel it too." said a stunned Sho.

Suddenly Sho found himself flying up in the air. "Oh, You'll feel it all right , perhaps a little more than you'd like." said the still shadowed form.


Suddenly Sho started to be swallowed by the Shadow headfirst. The senshi couldn't attack with Sho in the way and looked on in horror as Sho was pulled through the shadowy form and fell out the other Side of him. Now he was wearing jet black armor in the shape of plate mail and a helm on his head covering his now glowing red eyes. The Senshi Gasped at the sudden capture and change in their new friend as the Shadow disappeared taking The new Sho with it.


The shadowed one and the now changed Sho materialized in a Cave .

"My liege I have captured one who is preported to be stronger than any of the senshi."Said the shadow speaking to the air around him

"You have done well Shade. This one will be able to destroy the meddelsome senshi so that the Dark Kingdom will finally rule all." a voice replied from all around the cave.


"What are we going to do that thing took Sho and gave him the Dark treatment." said Sailor Jupiter.

"He must have overheard us talking and decided that Sho was potentially a threat to them and decided to , shall we say , 'draft' him." said Sailor Mercury. "Iíll use my visor and see if we canít locate him." Mercury pulled up her visor and started scanning the area. "I think Iíve found him but his pattern is slightly different." Mercury said after a few moments.

"How different?" said Mars in a worried tone.

"Well for one his Mystic rating has shot through the roof. Itís currently holding at 52.889." said Mercury.

"Only 52 that ainít so bad. There shouldnít be any problems returning him to normal." said Mars.

"It is when your rating is only 32.889 Mars." Mercury explained as Mars merely stared slack jawed at Mercury taken completely off guard.

"Uhh , Mercury just out of curiosity but didnít you just say that he would be 1 above Mars and lower than me. Just on a whim, what is my rating." Sailor Moon stammered worriedly.

"Your rating is 40.208,and yes I did say that but apparently what that shadow did to him has boosted him even higher than what I thought." Mercury explained.

"Thatís bad isnít it?" Sailor Moon replied cluelessly.

"Of course it is you ditz!!" Mars snapped.


Meanwhile Ö


"What is your goal?" said Shade.

"To crush the Senshi for the glory of the Dark Kingdom." The Darker Sho replied.

"And what is your name?" Shade continued.

"I am Dark Argent." Dark Argent replied.

"Now goÖ and be victorious!!!" Shade pointed and shouted.




"But what are we going to do. Heís probably going to be faster and stronger than all of us." Jupiter said, entering her opinion.

"His mind is probably being controlled. So we should have an advantage in planning and strategy." Mercury replied.

"Then that is what weíll do. We wait till he shows and do everything in our power to stop him without hurting him." Mars said." Keep your communicators with you at all times and be prepared to react at a moments notice , understand odanga atama.""Mars finished.


End Chapter 2

Well Write and tell me how you liked it.