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This is My first attempt at a Fanfic so all you C&C er's out there Please be Gentle.

An I was Bored and there was nothing Better to do Production

Based on a Strange Dream I had one Night after eating a Pastrami Sandwich.

<<<<<Sailor Moon - That which does not Kill you... >>>>>>


Chapter Three ... 'Only Makes you Stronger'...


All Characters are the Property of Naoko except Sho who is my Brainchild and Kyoya who is comic relief.


This story takes place in The Continuity of Sailor Moon ........Well it takes place somewhere. Iíve decided it takes place between R and S.

The Characters Speech will be Translated to English Except where I feel it is Inappropriate.


This Chapter will be somewhat longer than the previous chapters because I finally got over my writerís block.

Also one Change Iíve made(and Iím not even sure I changed it) Rei goes to the same school as the others now.



The senshi all set out after That towards the direction that Sho's reading had shown. Suddenly , just as they left the city there was a fierce beeping from Mercury's Computer.


"He's Heading in our direction." Mercury informed the others.


"Spread out and get ready to contain him." Mars said to the others.


Suddenly a sphere of energy burst in and the Senshi had to dive to get out of the way. Sailor Jupiter prepared an attack but had to dodge another attack before she could fire her lightning. Finally Dark Argent appeared and said "Surrender Senshi or be destroyed. I am Dark Argent and you have no hope against me." Dark Argent said.


Sailor Mars shouted "Sho you have to fight this. Your our friend , not our enemy."


"Sho is no more , there is only Dark Argent." Dark Argent replied with a slight delay.


While Mars had his attention Sailor Venus attempted to hit Dark Argent from behind. "Venus Crescent BeamÖ" She cried as a beam of light sped for Dark Argent but was stopped short as Shade jumped in.


"Youíre the one behind this and Iíll get you for taking a new friend away from us." Sailor Moon said and posed.


"Oh yes , any other friends I might be interested in. Bwahahahaha" Shade laughed at the fuming Sailor Moon.


Meanwhile Dark argent and Jupiter ,Mercury, and Venus were Going at it Tooth and nail. The senshi had given up on using there attacks and concentrated on just physically attacking Dark Argent. Dark Argent was having the upper hand still and Mercury was nearly unconscious but couldnít back off or the others would be overwhelmed. Venus and Jupiter, Having far more experience at hand to hand , were having a better time of it but were starting to tire. Dark Argent appeared to barely be breaking a sweat.


Meanwhile Shade was going up against Sailor Mars and Sailor Moon and was not faring as well as his new minion. He was singed in quite a few places by Mars Fire attacks and had barely managed to avoid being destroyed by Sailor Moon. Shade thought " This is getting a little to rough for me If they would just stop trying to fry me for a second I could port out of here." Just then Mars slipped in and Slapped an Akuryo Taisan on him.


Shade felt the Talisman strike him and screamed seconds before Sailor Moonís follow up struck him and he disintegrated.


Just then Dark Argent Let loose a roundhouse kick That took Jupiter and Mercury across Their heads which threw them to the side and knocked Mercury out. He then jumped away and disappeared.


Back at the TempleÖ Ö


"Heíll be Back I canít believe Heíd retreat just because that dark character got himself destroyed." Rei said.


"The problem is ," Ami started " That we have no idea when he could hit because he has dropped off my computers scanner."


"Weíll just have to stay on our guard and be sure to keep our communicators with us at all times." Minako inserted as everyone looked at Usagi.


"Hey , I only forgot it that once and I got there in time to dust that creep. So lay off." Usagi said about to start crying.


Makotoís house early the next day


"He just moved in yesterday. I canít believe he is gone just like that. Heís supposed to start at his school tomorrow and Iíll have to call him in sick. Thatíll be bad for his first day at a new school. Listen to me Iím talking like he just got lost outside, The Dark Kingdomís got a line on him for Kamiís sake" Makoto said to herself.


Just then the phone rangÖ


"Moshi MoshiÖ Kino residence." Makoto answered.


"Makoto , This is Ami. Iíve Located him."Ö


LaterÖ The Shrine


"He started coming this way as soon as we Henshined up." Mercury announced.


"Good That means we wonít have to go looking for him." Jupiter put in.


"Mars do you have that talisman ready." Venus asked.


"Yes but I still donít know if this will work. I never made a talisman to just hold someone. "Mars replied.


"Heíll be here in about 5 minutes." Mercury informed.


"Okay Senshi you know the plan keep him distracted until Mars can slap that talisman on him." Venus reminded everyone.


Once again Dark Argent appeared following one of his glowing energy balls.


"Supreme ThunderÖ Shabon Spray FreezingÖ" Jupiter and Mercury cried out as They attacked from either side of Dark Argent. He was rocked left to right as the two attacks collided with him. His legs were frozen in the ice from Mercuryís Shabon Spray freezing but he shattered it with a small blast. As he was busting out however Mars chanted "Rin Hyou Tou Sha Kai Jin Retsu Zai Zen Akuryo Taisan!!Ö" and slapped the talisman on Dark Argentís forehead. Dark Argent stood transfixed as the talisman held to his forehead.


While he was held transfixed Sailor Moon cried out "Moon Princess HalationÖ". As the energy struck Dark Argent a transformation took place as the dark armor melted off and was replaced by a white outfit with long sleeves and flared legged pants a deep v-neck and a silver cape with a silver stripe along the sleeves and legs. A silver coronet appeared on his forehead and metallic looking boots on his feet. Finally a crest of some sort appeared on his belt. After the transformation he looked like he was wearing a slightly modified naval dress uniform.


Luna and Artemis stared at Sho then each other then Sho then Each otherÖetc before saying almost in unison "I thought that was just a myth."




Luna explained "In the Silver Millenium it was theorized that it was possible for a man with an extremely high Mystic Rating would be able to become a senshi. It was never proven because no man in the Silver Millenium had a high enough Mystic Rating. I can only theorize that his own high rating combined with what was done to him by the Dark one you destroyed and your healing combined all boosted his Mystic rating high enough for a Henshin to take place."


"So Iím some kind of superhero now. This is turning out to be a strange year. Wonder what my friends back home would say if they found out." Sho said amazed.


"We could use some extra help around here while Mamoru is away." Minako said.


"Who is Mamoru? I havenít heard his name mentioned yet." Sho asked.


As the girls explained all about Mamoru Sho mused about the weirdness of all of this he came to Japan as a foreign exchange student and now he was discussing lifestyles of the magically active. It boggled his mind a little.


"So this guy shows up in a Tux and top hat and helps out by throwing foliage at the bad guys. Sounds like good distraction value and little else." Sho said


The girls all gave him a piercing look before Rei started laughing "I never saw it in quite that way before but isnít that Just what Mamoru does, distracts the Youma at just the right moment for one of us to nail them."


"Well ya, but heís making him sound unhelpful. Also donít forget how many times heís pulled me out of a blast just before it nails me." Usagi chided Rei.


"Well if you werenít such a klutz, Odango Atama, Then he wouldnít have to pull your fat out of the fire so much." Rei teased.


"I am not FATÖ" Usagi nearly screamed


"ÖWhich is a surprise considering how you eat." Rei countered.


At this time Sho leaned over and whispered to Makoto and Minako "Is this normal between those two?"


The two girls smiled and said "No , most of the time itís worse."


Sho looked for some sign that they were kidding but they were perfectly straight faced. He looked back over at the two whose fight had degraded to name calling and sticking out their tongues at each other.


"Well Sho," Makoto began, " If your going to make your first day of school tomorrow we had better go."


"Well ladies I guess Iíll see you around." Sho said as he and Makoto waved goodbye.


As they were walking back to her apartment he began "Well , Iíll have to say this has got to be the weirdest weekend Iíve ever had. I mean letís get real here I was turned into a raging madman and now I got this rather large beltbuckle that letís me become some kind of superhero."


"Shhhhh, never talk about that out in the open. If someone heard about that Youíd either draw the evil to you like a magnet which would make your life expectancy nil or youíd be hounded by people which would more than likely make your life hell and theirs dangerous." Makoto quietly told Sho.


"Sorry, Iím kinda new at the secret identity thing. So what school do you and our friends go to?" Sho asked.


"Juuban High School. Where will you be goingÖ"Makoto was interrupted by the look on Shoís face. "I take it from that look on your face that Iíll be showing you around school tomorrow morning."


"That might help yes. Well at least I know that Iíll have a few friends at School here in Japan." Sho replied.


Later at Makotoís Apartment


That was a great meal. I could get used to such treatment easily. I imagine the other girls must envy you that you always get what you want for dinner." Sho said jokingly.


"Ya , I suppose they do. Although I never really thought about it before." Makoto replied.


"What do you say tomorrow I make dinner for you?" Sho asked.


"You can cook!?" Makoto gaped.


"What a guy ainít allowed to cook." Sho replied " Tell ya what the recipe I have makes enough for 9 we can invite the others over from what I hear Usagi can eat enough for 3 so itíll be just enough for all 6 of us. And you also have all the spices that I need . Iíll just need to pick up a few Things I figure that we could do that on the way back from school."


"That sounds appealing Iíll phone the others and ask them what they think." Makoto got up and started to phone the others.


Minako was as amazed as Makoto to know a man who could cook. Usagi didnít care it involved food. Ami sent an affirmative as long as she could get her studying done. Rei had some chores to do but sheíd be over as soon as they were finished.


The Next Morning


The two got up early , Makoto to make breakfast and to pack bento lunches for the two, Sho so he could do his katas and get a shower.


Shoís chest was bare as he began his katas. They began slow with few kicks but as he sped up he started throwing in high kicks, faster and faster. Next he began to throw jumping roundhouses and spinning side heels in. As he wound down he finished his katas in the exact same spot he began them in.


Suddenly from off to the side there was clapping. Sho turned and saw Makoto had come to watch while he had been in the middle of his katas and had a mile-wide grin on her face. "Your really good but you need to pay more attention to your surroundings. If I had thrown a punch instead of clapping Iíd probably have caught you with it." Makoto informed.


"To true, but this was my speed kata it was designed to improve speed and endurance. I tend to block everything out when Iím doing this Kata so I can concentrate on going ever faster. But, you raise a good point what good is speed if I donít notice the guy coming up on my blind side." Sho stated. "Well I better get a shower if Iím going to eat that food I smell and still get to school early." Sho said and departed for the Bathroom.


After a quick shower and breakfast the two set off for the school. Sho paid close attention to the route they were taking in case he ever had to walk alone.

Makoto explained which teachers to watch out for , which teachers were nice, which teachers were dull, and which teachers gave the most homework.


Sho walked in silence absorbing all this information. When they reached the school Makoto showed Sho to the principals office to check in and then to his homeroom. By then other people were starting to drift in. The boys were severely outnumbered in his homeroom it looked like a ration of about 5:1 He noticed a familiar face as it appeared Minako was in his homeroom. "Hey Minako looks like we get to see each other before this evening." Sho said and waved.


"Your going to school here!? Makoto didnít say anything about this on the phone last night." Minako replied a little shaken. "Well , Just what are you planning on making for dinner tonight."


"Now, now Minako That would be telling." Sho answered with a grin.


Just as the bell rang Usagi came running in breathless.


"Class Iíd like to introduce a new student today. He is coming all the way from the United States as a foreign exchange student." The teacher said after calming everyone down.


"Watashiwasu Ishogi Sho." Sho introduced himself and bowing formally.


Usagi gasped and said "Sho , your going to school here!?" before realizing that she had spoken out of order in class and got a glare from the teacher.


"I take it from your reaction That youíve met Mr. Ishogi, Miss Tsukino. Good that decides who heíll be sitting near for help until he is straightened out." The teacher said, Usagiís face dropping further as he said each word.


Lunch Time


"Sho are you going to tell us what weíre having for dinner tonight." Makoto asked.


"Makoto , I canít even tell you the ingredients. You are so good in the kitchen your liable to know what Iím making just from them." Sho said with a wicked gleam in his eyes.


Suddenly a rough hand on his appeared on his shoulder. "Oh the little Gaijin girl can cook." said a well built man who then spun Sho roughly around. "We donít want any stinking Gaijin in our school, So why donít you just leave and go back to America."


"If you donít remove your arm from my shoulder Iíll remove it from yours." Sho said standing up.


The punk was having no more of this he hauled back to punch Sho . Sho ducked under the punch swung around behind the punk and had both of his arms and his head in a lock resembling a full nelson.


"Girls Iím going to take this one to the principal." Sho said holding the struggling punk in the lock. Sho walked off with the punk to the principals office.


"This is the third one today. I must tell you I was real surprised that you didnít just beat them to a bloody pulp. Iíve read your file it says youíre a high ranking jujitsu master." The principal replied turning to the punk. "Kyoya Iíve warned you about picking fights. If I see you in this office one more time Iíll have you expelled. Do you here me?"


"Yes sir." Said Kyoya looking a little scared. He thought "No wonder that guy snagged me with so little effort Iím lucky he didnít beat me to a bloody pulp."


"Well Iím going back to my lunch sir. Thanks for taking this well back in America I got in trouble even when I locked em up and carted them to the principal, I find this refreshing." Sho said as he left.


Later that Day


On the way home from school Makoto and Sho stopped as planned for the ingredients for dinner.


"This where I typically do my shopping for foodstuffs ,Sho. They have a fairly good selection and I rarely have to look elsewhere." Makoto explained.


"Good , I need you to pick up 2 pounds of ground beef while I gather the rest of the ingredients that Iíll need." he told her. "Weíll meet back at the checkout in," checking his watch " about 15 minutes. Please get the freshest ground beef that you can it helps the flavor, not to tell the chef how to cook mind you." Sho said with a smile.


"Ok, see ya in a few." Makoto said still wondering what he was planning for dinner.


Suddenly there was a commotion from outside the store and with a crash the front window of the store blew in. Sho was already looking out of the store when Makoto reached the front to check out the disturbance. A large multi-armed Youma was grabbing screaming people and draining there energy and dropping the unconcious victims to the street.


Makoto pulled Sho back out of view and pulled out her henshin stick. Making sure noone was in sight she cried out "Jupiter Star Power, Make UpÖ".


Sho having never actually seen Jupiters transformation was struck dumb a little. She was completely naked for a second there.


After contacting the others Jupiter Said "Sho transform I might need a little help with this one till the others arrive."


"Uhh , Jupiter I uhh, well I really donít know how to transform. I donít even know what senshi I am." Sho stammered out.


"Crap , well try to do it while I see if I can slow this guy down a little." Jupiter said as she went to attack the Youma.


Sho kept a close eye on Jupiter as she attacked.




"Jupiter Thunder DragonÖ" Jupiter cried and a bolt of electricity shot out in the form of a dragon. The youma not expecting any resistance took it in the gut but it appeared to do little but enrage it.


"That tickled Senshi , where are all your little friends." The youma taunted Sailor Jupiter. All of a sudden It reached out with one of its arms and hit Jupiter with a forearm knocking her about ten feet away. "You didnít really think you could fight me alone. Did you?" It stalked toward Jupiter who swept its feet out from under it.


"Actually yes I did. Supreme ThunderÖ" Jupiter cried out as a bolt of lightning struck the Youma on the ground .


Ignoring the lightning the Youma grabbed Sailor Jupiter by two of his arms

"You are going to die very slowly. Iíll be rewarded greatly for taking out one of the senshi." The Youma laughed as he prepared to pummel Her with his other arms.




Meanwhile Back in the Store


"Jupiter is in trouble, I just wish I knew how to transform into Sailor SilverÖ" Sho thought. "Wait a minute whereíd that name come from. I guess it fits what with my getup before."


Ssuddenly a voice sounded nearby. "You are Sailor Silver, Senshi of Gaurdians grab the Silver Crest hold it in front of you and say the first thing to pop into your head." The voice said.




"I think Iíll start by ripping your arms off." The youma said pulling Jupiters arms away from her body


Sailor Jupiter began to scream in pain.




Sho could here Jupiters scream from outside .


"I have to help her." Sho thought as he held the Silver Crest out in front of him. "Here goes nothing. Silver AccensionÖ"




"Aww does that hurt. Here let me make it all better." The youma said beginning to pull her legs as well.


Suddenly the youma was flying through the air and Jupiter was on the ground gasping. "Hurt any of the senshi and face my wrath. I am Sailor Silver senshi of Gaurdians," Sailor Silver had a glimmering shield of energy in front of him. Which he gathered into a sphere about six foot around " Öand now die. Argent FlareÖ" Sailor Silver threw the sphere at the Youma and turned to Sailor Jupiter who was still on the ground barely concious. He didnít even here the scream of pain or watch the Youmas destruction.


A few moments earlier a block awayÖ


"Sheís right up ahead. I hope she hasnít bitten off more than she can chew fighting that Youma with only Sho as backup." Sailor Mars said before stopping and staring in slack mouthed awe as Sailor Silver threw his Argent flare at the Youma and turning his back on its destruction to see to someone on the groundÖ


Seeing that the monster was destroyed people started to gather around the two lone Senshi. Sailor Silver grabbed Jupiter in his arms and jumped to the roof of the store and away leaving a crowd of awed and confused bystanders wondering in unison, "Who in the Heck was that"


End Chapter 3

Well Write and tell me how you liked it.


Watashiwasu- "My name is" or "I am called"


Also note that in the phrase Sho put his family name first introducing himself to the class EX. Ishogi Sho , Hino Rei , Tsukino Usagi.