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This is My first attempt at a Fanfic so all you C&C er's out there Please be Gentle.

An I was Bored and there was nothing Better to do Production

Based on a Strange Dream I had one Night after eating a Pastrami Sandwich.


This Fanfic was made possible by the effects of Mt. Dew.

<<<<<Sailor Moon - That which does not Kill you... >>>>>>


Chapter Four ... 'Discussions ,Dinner, and Training'



All Characters are the Property of Naoko except Sho who is my Brainchild and Kyoya who is comic relief.


This story takes place in The Continuity of Sailor Moon ........Well it takes place somewhere. I’ve decided it takes place between R and S.

The Characters Speech will be Translated to English Except where I feel it is Inappropriate.




Makoto’s Apartment


"It’s a good thing you knew another store nearby that had everything I needed. Are you sure you’re okay?" Sho asked Makoto.


"I am fine I tell you. I just have a rather bruised pride right now. I don’t usually have someone get the better of me in a fight. It just goes to prove the old saying ‘there’s always someone out there better than you…’ ,but, I don’t have to like it." Makoto said with a smirk.


"Well I still apologize, ignorance is no excuse you were almost killed because I was slow. If it hadn’t been for that voice…" Sho paused.


"Voice , what voice are you talking about?" Makoto asked


Sho stood at the stove for a second before replying. "I heard a female voice and it told me that I was Sailor Silver. Then it told me how to Henshin so I could help you." Sho explained. " I know this sounds strange but the voice seemed familiar."


"Well , maybe we should ask Ami when she gets here she’s the resident brainchild so maybe she could shed some light on this." Makoto shrugged her shoulders.


Sho continued to cook and a wonderful spicy smell was coming from the kitchen. He chopped green and red peppers up and placed them in the pan with the beef that he had browning. Also he had a small mixing bowl full of seasonings to which he added a fine red powder. He took the utmost care that Makoto not see what he was doing. He had no intention of her figuring out what he was doing until she had the food on her plate.


After a few minutes Sho placed the burner on warm and left the mixture to simmer until the others came. Minako was the first to arrive she came in just as Sho was turning the burner down and was talking with Makoto in the den. Ami surprisingly was next.


"I didn’t expect you so early Ami, I figured you’d be studying for another hour yet." Minako said


"I didn’t get any Homework today so I went ahead and got my studying finished." Ami said eyeing Makoto and Sho, " I’d have been here sooner if somebody hadn’t called me away from my studies. Are you okay Makoto when Sho jumped you out of there you didn’t look so good?" Ami asked.


"I’m fine Ami , really. If anybody else asks me how I am I’ll scream." Makoto said jokingly.


Usagi and Rei arrived together shortly after. Usagi’s mouth started watering the moment she entered the room. Now that everyone was here Sho started setting the Table with help from Usagi who wanted him to hurry so was being helpful. After every place had been set at the table Sho reached into the refrigerator and pulled out a large green 2-liter bottle. He then filled every ones glasses.


While he was doing this Rei asked, "So Makoto, You looked pretty beat earlier are you Ok."


At this Ami and Minako Laughed as Makoto fake-Screamed and fled the room.


"What was that all about." Rei asked. "You’d think I insulted her mother." At that Makoto reentered the room with a smirk on her face.


Usagi and Sho finished setting the table and he got everyone sat down before going to the kitchen and bringing a steaming pan to set in the middle of a serving tray. With a flourish he said "Ladies I present the Best (and probably the only) Beef Burritos west of Mexico."


The girls having never had burritos before let Sho show them how to wrap them in the (very expensive) flour tortillas. Ami for once was behind in picking up the trick of it and Usagi teased her mercilessly throughout the entire meal.


"What is this drink Sho?" Usagi said eyeing the green liquid.


"That Usagi is the single most powerful drink of the Gods, Mountain Dew." Sho said jokingly with a booming voice. As Usagi took a drink of it Sho turned to the others and said, "It is also a drink with one of the highest caffeine counts allowable by law."


As he said this everyone at the table turned to Usagi who had downed the drink and was reaching for the bottle again. Everyone else at the table reached to stop her.




"So your saying you heard a voice which told you how to transform, and it sounded familiar?" Ami said.


"Yes , my mind is trying to put a name or a face to that voice but all I get is a blank." Sho replied. "One thing though, I keep seeing this really large key when I think of her."


"Wait a minute Sho , You just said ‘her’ before you didn’t say anything about that." Rei said.


"I did? I didn’t realize. It makes sense though." Sho replied. "I don’t think we’re getting anywhere on this. Let’s talk training ,I know my martial arts but I know almost nothing about these powers of mine." Sho said with a wry note to his voice. "How did the 5 of you learn to use your powers?"


"We remembered something we lost, being reincarnated has some benefits." Rei said. "But , in your case that won’t help."


"But, perhaps we can." Said as Luna and Artemis piped in.

"we haven’t regained all our memories of the Silver millenium but we do remember a little and we have some smatterings of the training for the senshi." Luna said. "Sho, Ami, transform. We’ll need your visor for some readings."


Makoto pulled the curtains closed so noone could see in.


"Mercury Star Power… Make up!!!" Ami cried.

"Silver Accension!!!" Sho shouted as both began to transform.


"Mercury I want you to scan him with the visor and place the results on your computer so we can check his progress." Luna said.


"Sho, Sorry, Sailor Silver, I want you to close your eyes and imagine a ball of energy in your mind." Artemis began. "Then I want you to hold the ball there while we run a few tests. Do you understand?"


Sho closing his eyes replied "I got it. A ball in my hands and tests."


The others in the room gasped as a ball of argent white light appeared in Sho’s hands.


"Okay , Mercury, scan him now." Artemis told her.


Mercury began by summoning her visor. "there the scan is on the computer now." Mercury replied finishing.


Luna and Artemis crowded in front of the computer and eyed the scans. They whispered between each other for a few moments and turned to the group. "His pattern shows white and red with just a touch of gold." Luna began. "Usagi and Rei your patterns are white and red respectively. Minako you have a gold pattern. You all have a single pattern color but Sho seems to have 3." Artemis explained. "Usagi you and Rei will be helping me and Artemis train Sho in the use of his skills, Minako we might need you as well." Luna directed facing each of the girls as she said there names.


"Where will we do it? We can’t exactly just go around throwing attacks to train." Rei asked.


"You’ve got a point there, We should Go into the hills outside of town." Luna replied.


"We’ll start tomorrow after you finish school for the day. We’ll meet at the shrine and go from there. Tell your parents you’re going on a picnic or something." Artemis said supplying an excuse.


The next morning


Sho again woke early and began his katas. "You know Makoto you and the others could might benefit from some extra training as well. I could give you some training in Jujitsu. How would you like that?" Sho asked his roommate.


"I know I’d like it. I’m always ready for a challenge but do you really think Usagi will be able to handle that." Makoto said jokingly.


"Actually, yes when I was young before my father started my training I was an even bigger klutz than she was if you can believe it and look how well I turned out." Sho replied.


"Honto!" Makoto exclaimed.


"Which senshi do you believe has the most difficult time in a close in fight?" Sho asked politely.


"I’d Have to say Mercury her powers all seem to be distractions and misdirection. Mars has her Akuryo Taisen attack which is best when used close in Venus is good from a distance or close in, she had to be with all the time she was Sailor V and off by herself. Myself…" She was about to continue when Sho interrupted her.


"And you I’ve seen and can evaluate. You are very good close in and at a distance unless up against a far superior opponent." Sho finished for her. "I’ll ask everyone first then if Ami accepts I can train her for close in fighting, That way It won’t seem like I’m offending anyone by offering." Sho finished.



After School



"Well that was some turnaround with Kyoya. I can’t believe he actually came up and apologized for yesterday." Rei said


"I was just as surprised as you were. I expected I’d be dodging him for half the school year instead I get an apology and an offer of friendship." Sho said. "Speaking of offers I have an offer for the five of you. Since you will be helping me learn how to use my powers how about I train you in Jujitsu while I’m learning? That way you get a little better while I train as well." Sho asked the others.


"Will it hurt." Usagi asked.


"Only if you do something horribly wrong. You’re not Stupid so I don’t expect you to do anything wrong." Sho answered reassuring her.


"Well if She’s in so am I." Rei replied looking at Usagi with an evil grin.


"Ami ,How about you. I know I could use some extra training." Minako said looking over to Ami.


"Do you think I could be trained." Ami asked Sho.


"Anyone can be trained. It’s all in whether they are willing to learn. Are you?" Sho asked pointedly.


"Any learning is a virtue. I’ll do it." Ami replied with a smile.


Later in the woods outside of town


"Well, I guess this is a good a time as any to start Sho." Said Luna. "When we were in Makoto’s apartment yesterday we told you to envision a ball of energy in your hands. When you closed your eyes and did so a actual ball of energy appeared in your hand. That , we weren’t expecting." Luna explained. "Now let’s see if you can do it with your eyes open."


"Ok, I’ll try. But, don’t expect anything spectacular." Sho replied.

Sho pulled forth the Silver crest as all the girl’s began to henshin.

"Moon Crystal Power…" Usagi began.

"Mercury Star Power…" Ami continued.

"Mars Star Power…" Rei called.

"Jupiter Star Power…" Makoto cried.

"Venus Star Power…" Minako finished.

"Make Up" They all cried in unison.


Sho cried out, "Silver Accension".




"Well Silver your doing fairly well that energy flare you have comes almost second nature now." Luna said in a congratulating away. "Although I’d like to see the Huge attack you used when Jupiter was in danger."


"So would I Luna. But, I think that was an instinct reaction. I haven’t been able to even come close to the power I used there." Silver explained.


"I think this might be like those people who pick up vans to save someone trapped underneath. It is only when someone is in danger that the strength comes out." Mercury suggested.


"You may have something there Mercury but it’s something I’d rather not have proven." Silver replied.


"Me either Silver. But It was just a suggestion." Mercury finished reassuringly.


"Well, would you ladies like to start on the other training I mentioned." Silver asked.


"Sure silver." Jupiter replied.


"Of course you would be the first to reply Jupiter" Mars chided.


"Ladies, Ladies, please, No fighting…yet." Silver said. "I would like to do this as ourselves I’ve noticed that when we’re powered up we’re stronger and faster and I’d like to not start with such an advantage."

Silver said as he faded back into his street clothes.


"Now I’d like to begin with just a simple kata and work up from there." Sho started. "For now we’ll work in a group then when we’re ready we’ll split up into pairs for sparring."




"We’ll as much as I’m enjoying all of this, and I am enjoying it, I’ll have to leave if I want to get home before my parents kill me." Usagi said.


"That’s okay I was about to stop for the evening anyway." Sho replied.


"Same time tomorrow, Ladies?" Sho asked.


"Okay but I want to know when we’ll get to spar." Makoto asked.


"Soon young Skywalker. But the force is not with you yet." Sho said jokingly.



End Chapter 4


Honto- means for true or is that the truth.




Well Write and tell me how you liked it.