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This is My first attempt at a Fanfic so all you C&C er's out there Please be Gentle.

An I was Bored and there was nothing Better to do Production

Based on a Strange Dream I had one Night after eating a Pastrami Sandwich.


This Fanfic was made possible by the effects of Mt. Dew.

<<<<<Sailor Moon - That which does not Kill you... >>>>>>


Chapter Five ... ‘Formal Wear Required’



All Characters are the Property of Naoko except Sho who is my Brainchild and Kyoya who is comic relief.


This story takes place in The Continuity of Sailor Moon ........Well it takes place somewhere. I’ve decided it takes place between R and S.

The Characters Speech will be Translated to English Except where I feel it is Inappropriate.



This chapter may seem a little short but I had a funny idea for introducing someone.




One Week Later


"You are getting pretty good at the katas I showed you. I think we should try sparring now. For the first sparring session I am going to spar with all of you to see just how well you have picked up on everything I showed you. Think of it as a pop quiz if you will." Sho said to the transformed Senshi. "Now Just to make it fair since I am so far ahead of you is this, Jupiter you will Detransform I don’t think you need it but the rest of you will spar as senshi." Sho said as Jupiter detransformed into Makoto. "Who goes first. Makoto , how bout you?" Sho looked at her pointedly.


"Sure, Sho. Which arm won’t you be needing for the rest of the month." Makoto said cracking her knuckles and getting into a combat stance.


"Well you’ve got spirit. I’ll enjoy showing you just how little you have actually learned." Sho replied with a smirk while getting into a different stance. Makoto led off with a roundhouse kick which began low and ended head area and had Sho actually been there it would probably have dropped him. Unfortunately for Makoto he had performed a sidestep and slapped her leg hard to the left after her kick reached it’s arc sending her spinning wildly for a few seconds before she regained her balance.


"I underestimated you I’m afraid Sho. First strike goes to you." Makoto said warily.


"Accepted my friend now let’s check your defense." Sho said while moving purposely into a high axe kick which dropped to the ground well in front of Makoto , who was slightly surprised and missed the punch which followed into her hip.


"That was a cheap shot Sho." Makoto yelled.


"No, first thing you learn as you get better is that you always pay attention to details. If you had you would have noticed that my stance was improperly set for a kick but it was perfect for a straight punch. But you were quick enough that I only struck your hip which shows that you do react well when surprised and that is what I wanted to test." Sho said in a congratulatory way. "I think I should switch off now. I have to stay at Makoto’s apartment and I don’t think it’s a good idea to make her to mad at me." Sho said jokingly.


"Then I think I’ll go next." Mercury said.


"Okay Mercury, this time I think I’ll lead." Sho said as he launched into the same axe kick-punch maneuver that he had just used on Makoto. As his foot reached the arc of the kick mercury rushed in and grabbed the heel and shoved backward hard causing Sho to fall on his rump.


"You see Makoto, attention to detail. She was paying attention when you and I sparred and saw how to turn my own trick against me. Because I wasn’t set for a kick when she levered me I wasn’t able to balance out and counter so the only thing I could do was roll with it." Sho explained as he stood up and dusted himself off. "Now Mercury I want you to attack." Sho said as he fell into a semi-crouching stance. Mercury came in with a spinning backfist which Sho was able to block and a low sweep which he jumped over but Mercury was keeping him on his toes. She couldn’t land a hit on him, but neither could he muster up a counter.


"That’s enough Sho you have to save some energy for the others." Mercury said stopping and stepping back from Sho.


Sho sat down and said "Give me a few minutes to refresh and we’ll continue. Why don’t you chose who is next." Sho commented while regaining his breath.


"Well, I think I’ll go last . Seeing Mercury go at it after Makoto I want to watch Sho as much as I can before I try." Sailor Moon said.


"I think I’d like to go then. I want to see how much I can do with this new training. Besides I want to try and knock Sho down a peg or two." Mars said grinning impishly.


"He’s all yours then Mars, I for one hope you wear him down some more." Venus said with a cryptic look.


"Well, I think I’m ready to go another round ladies. Who did you decide on?" Sho asked after standing up.


"Time to tangle with me Sho. I think you’ll need another rest after what I do to you." Mars said challenging Sho. Mars rushed in but at the last moment swung to the side and rolled away. Sho watched this with a touch of surprise and a hint of amusement. Mars cam at him again from the side this time coming up short and stopping turning away from him and walking back away. While walking away she took one of her ofudas out and held it in her hand. She turned straight back in and in a kick stance feigned a kick but hurriedly lashed forward and placed the ofuda over Sho’s eyes. Sho slightly bewildered was caught unexpectedly by the knee Mars placed in his side and fell over gasping.


"Sho, are you okay?" Mars said leaning over Sho’s prone form. Sho chose this time to, now that he could hear where Mars was to sweep her legs out from under her and place her in a scissor lock.


"Yes Mars I’m fine. I think this puts us on an even footing. You tricked me with that Ofuda trick and I got you Feigning injury." Sho said releasing Mars after pulling the ofuda from his eyes. "What Mars just did was a very intelligent idea, if you think your opponent is better than you," Sho said looking pointedly at Mars, "You do something to even the odds. She even did it in an honorable way by not doing anything that would seriously injure me." Sho finished.


"Who’s next?" Sho said cracking his Knuckles ominously.


"That would be me Sho, and I think you’ll find me a little more challenging than these others." Venus said. She then pulled out and put on her Sailor V glasses and jumped at me in an aerial kick. Sho rolled out of the way and tried to sweep her leg but Venus just leaped again away from him. Then she grabbed a small tree a spun a kick at Sho who managed to catch it on a forearm block, but failed to notice the other foot coming at him until it was almost to late. Sho caught her foot at the last minute and pulled back on her so that she slipped off the tree. She caught herself from smacking into the ground and pulled her foot from Sho’s grasp while at the same time lightly kicking him in the shin with her other foot. Venus rolled forward and to her feet, spinning around to face Sho.


"That was good using the location as a weapon Venus but can you counter it?" Sho said while grabbing the same small tree and kicking out with both feet over her head. Sho landed behind her and put her in a move resembling a full nelson. Venus countered by flipping him over her shoulders but Sho was ready and flipped her using both his and her momentum and held on to the lock. Venus, now on the ground in a modified lock was unable to get the leverage needed to break out.


"That was good Sho. I never expected you of being one to hold a girl tight to him." Venus said with a smile as Sho released her.


"Ah my dear Venus, you hurt me to the quick. For within this stern exterior beats the Heart of a gentlemen and loathe would I be to take advantage of a lady in an untoward position." Sho said eloquently.


Venus ,with a wry grin on her face, said "I stand corrected sir."


Mars off to the side got a funny look from this exchange and smiled as well. Makoto while this fight was going on must have taken the time to change back into Sailor Jupiter.


"Well Sailor Moon, It looks like it’s your turn to see how well you’ve learned your lessons." Sho said getting ready.


Suddenly Mars perked up and started looking around. "Sho wait a second, I’m sensing some evil force do you feel it too." Mars said to Sho.


Sho stopping looked around and nodded. "I hate being interrupted in the middle of a class but…" Sho pulled forth the Silver Crest, "Silver Ascension…" Sho cried out turning into Sailor Silver. Just as he finished a creature came at the group from the bushes. The creature was man-sized with a crop of bright red hair coming out of her head which was lashing around as if alive.It was wearing what looked like a purple hiking outfit and had a row a sharp teeth in her now open gaping mouth.


"Ah more hikers to drain of energy. This is just too easy." The creature said.


"Accosting innocent people in the woods. I am the Pretty Suited Soldier Sailor Moon and in the name of the moon, I’ll punish you.


"Ladies fan out lets teach this thing some manners." Sailor Silver said jumping back a little from the creature as the others spread out around it.


The creature seeing itself surrounded whipped its hair around and snagged Sailor Moon around her waste and began to drag her in towards her mouth. Sailor Silver was getting ready to run in and help her when suddenly a rose came down and snapped through the hair holding her and stuck into the ground at the creatures feet. Sailor Silver and the senshi looked up into the trees above and saw Tuxedo Kamen standing there.


"Hair should be well kept lest straggling hairs get split ends." He said.


The creature sent a wave of hair out towards all the senshi but Mercury and Jupiter grabbed the strands sent at them and wrapped them around nearby trees. The creature tried to reel in its Hair but couldn’t. While it was distracted Sailor Mars and Sailor Silver on either Side of the creature cried out…

"Burning Mandala…"

"Argent Flare…"

…as twin streaks of red and white fire took the creature from either side burning most of the hair away.


"Sailor Moon now!" said Tuxedo Kamen.


"Moon Princess Halation…" Sailor Moon said pulling out her Moon scepter and firing a beam at the creature which dissolved into a fine gray powder.


"Well, now that that’s taken care of anybody mind telling me who This well dressed gentleman with the Flowers is?" Sailor Silver asked.


"This is Sailor Moon’s Guardian and all around Hunk, Tuxedo Kamen." Venus replied.


Sailor Moon blushed and said "Venus you shouldn’t just blurt out things like that."


"Well thanks for the assist, Tuxedo Kamen. I was about to go in myself and seeing as how I am a little new at the hero-ing game I might have gotten myself into trouble." Silver said.


End Chapter 5


Well Write and tell me how you liked it.