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This is My first attempt at a Fanfic so all you C&C er's out there

Please be Gentle.

An I was Bored and there was nothing Better to do Production

Based on a Strange Dream I had one Night after eating a Pastrami


This Fanfic was made possible by the effects of Mt. Dew.

<<<<<Sailor Moon - That which does not Kill you... >>>>>>

Chapter Six ... ‘Pain! and Memories?’


All Characters are the Property of Naoko except Sho who is my Brainchild

and Kyoya who is comic relief.

This story takes place in The Continuity of Sailor Moon ........Well it

takes place somewhere. I’ve decided it takes place between R and S.

The Characters Speech will be Translated to English Except where I feel

it is Inappropriate.

If anyone wants to co-author with me on this fic or another fic where I

have extensive knowledge of the series.(SM,R1/2,Lodoss) Please Mail me

and let me know.




One Week Later

"Makoto, I Like you and your friends a lot but I feel I need a little

time alone. I'm going to go to that Mall You took me to that first day I

was here." Sho explained to a frowning Makoto.

"Okay Sho, but here take this. Ami made up another communicator for you.

If you get into anything major hit this gold button that's the 'All

Call' switch. We'll all come running at that point." Makoto said as she

handed Sho the communicator.


"Yes, Mako-chan I'll be a good little boy and keep in touch." Sho said

Smiling Kawaiily with a smirk. He then Grabbed his coat and left.

"Oh you, I'll…" ,Makoto began but stopped and laughed as he left.

Sho headed off down the street unaware that he was being quietly

observed… and Followed.

"This mall seems bigger now. I guess I just didn't notice it with all

the girls with me and the excitement of that first trip." Sho mused to

himself. "But at least I have a few free moments to myself. I've got to

admit when I first got here things were extremely weird for awhile.

Come-on Mystical girls who fight creatures from elsewhere and me some

kind of no-spandex wearing superhero. It's enough to give a guy a

complex." Sho continued to think to himself as his tail moved in a

little closer.



"Master, " thought the creature from the shadows , "I've located the

one. He's alone right now and hasn't spotted me. Should I attack?"

"He's is alone you say," said a disembodied voice, " Crush him then and

you will be raised to my right hand. Fail and you shall be lowered to

the lowest rank. That is if you survive."

The creature smiled at the threat which it believed would never come to

pass. "Prepare me a seat then Master for I shall not fail as I have

never failed you before." The creature replied and broke the link.

The creature rippled with glee and extended it's claws and a hooked tail

thrashed from behind him making him look like a humanoid scorpion.

He crawled onto the ceiling and continued his pursuit of Sho in the

shadows along the ceiling.


"I'm not sure we should have let Sho out of our sites every time we've

been attacked lately has been when Sho was nearby." Ami remarked "All the attacks seem to be directed at either feeling out his strength

or destroying him. Since they failed to make a convert of him as they

first tried .I think this new enemy is getting worried that Sho may be

to strong a force to leave unnoticed." Ami finished and looked at each

of them in turn.

"Do you really think so Ami. I mean every attack we've had in the past

was directed towards finding something or draining energy. And that

creature we met in the woods did say something about more hikers to

'drain' are you sure you are on the mark with this one." Minako replied

a little skeptically.

"Besides, " Rei said with a smirk remembering all the training sessions

in the woods, "Sho's a big boy. I don't think there's much he won't be

able to handle. And if he can't he has a communicator he'll call."

Back at the Mall

"Hmmm, Lingerie shop, no. Novelties , no. Sporting Goods, Yes I think I

will." Sho thought to himself as he walked past storefronts and entered

a Sporting Goods store. Looking around the store he found things which

to someone raised in America were a strange sight in a sporting goods

store. "Hmm, Kendo section…,Bokkens ,nifty . Wow , Bo Staves. "Sho

thought with glee as he pictured himself with a Nice new Bo staff in a

scene which could have come straight from any Jackie Chan movie.

It was at that point that something large rammed into him from above

smashing him to his knees.

Sho rolled to the side and looked over expecting to see some piece of

gear had fallen. Screams and yells of terror began when suddenly from

where he had just been standing a powerful looking Creature now stood.

It's tail lashed back and forth menacingly. It looked like some demented person had combined a Scorpion, Cat, and a human and got something entirely new. The creature tensed it's legs and sprang towards Sho.

Sho having been underneath him once and having no wish to repeat the experience flipped over the aisle into the next, grabbing one of the Bo

Staves as he flipped.

"Ohh , so you are not as weak as my master seems to think. I am Tobis

and I am here to end your pitiful existence." The creature said and

lashed out with a clawed hand tearing a swath from Sho's coat and the

shirt underneath.

"Damn he's fast I think this is the something major Mako-chan was

talking about" Sho thought as he reached into his now ripped coat to

retrieve the Communicator. Sho dipped and dived away as Tobis continued

to attack with claw and tail. "Where is it…Where is the dang

communicator." Sho was getting desperate until he saw the fabric from

his coat and shirt across the room from where he was now…and the

communicator sitting on the floor beside it. "This is Bad." Sho thought

simply to himself as he was struck in the side by Tobis' wildly swinging

tail and thrown even farther from the communicator and back into the

Kendo Section. Looking around and seeing that all the innocent

bystanders were out of sight pulled forth the Silver Crest and shouted…

"Silver Ascension…"

Sho was changed into Sailor Silver in a cloud of

bright white Light. "Now I can really cut loose." Sailor Silver thought

as he dropped the staff in favor of a Bokken from off the rack.

"Now let's see what your made of Tobis." Sho said and began a Series of

attacks with the Bokken.

"Shien-Choriki-Dei-Butsu-Metsu" At this point in the combo Sailor Silver

leaped High into the air and brought the Bokken down upon Tobis. Tobis

Screamed as it hit but the Bokken snapped in half at the impact "A

wooden sword just isn't going to cut it here." Sailor Silver thought.

Meanwhile Back at the Shrine

Just as Rei was finishing her previous thought a shimmering appeared in

the corner of the room and a voice came out. "Senshi… Sailor Silver is

in trouble at the Mall. The Future depends on his survival and he is

overmatched." Out of the shimmering stepped the one The Senshi knew as

"Pu" or Sailor Pluto.

"So you were the voice Sho heard at the attack at the supermarket."

Makoto slapped a fist into her palm.

"Yes but now is not the time to speak of this we must hurry if we are to

prevent Sailor Silver from being seriously hurt." Pluto said.

"Well let's stop talking about it and go do it." Minako said pulling out

her Henshin Rod.

"Moon Crystal Power…" Usagi began.

"Mercury Star Power…" Ami followed.

"Jupiter Star Power…" Makoto said.

"Mars Star Power…" Rei chanted.

"Venus Star Power…" Venus finished.

"MAKE UP…" They all chorused as the transformations began.

As the Senshi finished they all began a dash for the Mall.


Back At the Mall's Sporting Goods Store

Sailor Silver was currently in midair after a particularly nasty hit and

was feeling it. His cape was in tatters and the front of his uniform was

in shreds. He picked himself up off the floor just in time to get

knocked back down by Tobis' tail swipe which followed up his previous


"With the way the master has been ordering his underlings to attack you

I expected more from you. But instead I find this pathetic lump." Tobis


Sailor Silver kicked him in the head and followed up with a Quicksilver

Flash , knocking Tobis away and earning himself a slight breather. "You

want a challenge buddy. Well I aim to please." Silver said as he picked

up another Bokken from the rack and raised it to En garde position Just

before he got rocked by a tail hit from his side.

"Ohh the lump can talk tough. Maybe I should be scared." Tobis said

with heavy sarcasm. "I've fought children more powerful than you." Tobis

continued to pummel Sailor Silver back and forth while Silver tried to


Silver threw a Quicksilver Flash from the Bokken and it traveled much

faster than Tobis could react to. Tobis was knocked down but before

Silver could throw another he was back in his face, tail swing around

towards his head to smash him senseless.

"Burning Mandala…,Venus Love Me Chain…" Tobis was startled as his tail

was knocked away by Mars and Venus's attacks.

"Oh look , more playmates. How fun." Tobis eyes gleamed as he gazed at

the new threat surrounding him. A quick tail sweep sent them all jumping

back away from him but not before they got Sailor Silver away.

"What's this? Standing between a hunter and his prey. Either your very

brave, or extraordinarily stupid. I'm thinking the Second." Tobis said

glaring angrily at the senshi. He sent a quick slash at Mercury which

she blocked but totally missed the Tail Heading for her side and she was

thrown violently out of the store to hit a fountain.

Mercury Stumbled groggily to her feet and returned inside to see that in

the few moments that she was gone the Senshi hadn't fared so well.

Then she cried out, "Double Shabon Spray…" under the cover of the mist

she pulled out an unconscious Sailor Jupiter.

Just then from the side a voice was heard it was in the tone of a

whisper but could easily be heard throughout the room as Sailor Pluto

raised the Time Key "Dead Scream…". A Blast of energy whipped through

the room to impact against Tobis and hurl him bodily across the Store

and through a wall into a storage room. The conscious senshi all sent

attacks streaming after him but he still came pouring out of the room a

moment later looking a bit charred but still dangerous.

He whipped his tail out in a fast strike at Sailor Moon when a rose

struck his outstretched tail and pinned it to the floor. "Sailor Moon

hit him now!" Said the newly appeared Tuxedo Kamen.

Sailor Moon pulled out the Moon scepter and cried out, "Moon Princess…"

Just then Tobis pulled his tail out of the ground and sent it whipping

at the nearest Senshi who happened to be Sailor Mars. Suddenly Sailor

Silver was in front of Sailor Mars and took the strike directly on his


"HALATION…" said Sailor Moon as she completed her attack and destroyed

Tobis in a storm of pure energy.

Sailor Silver dropped to his knees in front of Sailor Mars then slowly

fell the rest of the way to the floor a bright red stain appearing on

his side.


Juuban Hospital

Ami and Makoto sat in chairs in the waiting room while Mrs. Mizuno looked over the unconscious Sho.

Meanwhile Sho's mind was working overdrive…

(Somewhere Else)

"Sho?" said a voice from another room.

"Yes, Mother." Said someone who looked just like Sho.

<what is this some kind of represses memory>

"Sho, Today is your first day in the Royal Guard," Said a Beautiful woman who had just walked into the room. "I want you to do your best and make your family proud"

"Yes , Mother." The other Sho said dejectedly. Almost like he didn't want to go.


"Reiko I'm sorry, there's no delaying my family anymore. There sending me to the Guard today." Said Sho's double.


A girl who looked surprisingly like Rei appeared.

"Sho, Don't worry. Nothing will change, you wait and see. Your mother Katrece knows what she's doing." Reiko said.

"What do you mean nothing will change? I'll be at the palace and you'll be here and I'll probably never see you again." Said Sho's double.


"Reiko, What are you doing here ? Why aren't you back home on Mars?"

"I was only on Mars because it was my choice to stay there but now that I'm older I've decided to come visit court more often Sho."


Reiko is standing in front of Sho's double. She is wearing a flowing ,red gown and looking most regal in it. Sho's double is shown wearing the livery of the Millennial guard.

"Sho , I have a secret to tell you…"Reiko said.

<Darkness and slowly consciousness >

Sho found himself in a hospital bed with bandages over his left leg and side. He also found it a trifle hard to breathe. As he tried to sit up a hand on his shoulder stopped him.

"You just lay there Sho." said a worried looking Rei.

"You gave us a scare there that's for sure. Especially after teaching the others how to take a hit." said Makoto from his side.

"Well, all I can say after feeling, and still feeling for that matter, That last hit, is better me than you Rei." Sho replied in a slightly pained tone.

At this point the doctor came in and noticing that Sho was awake said

"You're a lucky man. Falling off your bike in traffic could've given you much worse than just a few cracked ribs and a sprained leg. If it hadn't been for your friends here you might have gotten seriously hurt."

"I'm just glad they got me here before worse happened, doctor." Sho said solemnly.

"I want you to stay here till tomorrow just to make sure your fine." The Doctor said as he placed a chart in the door as he left.

"I just had the weirdest dream." Sho said.

The Next Day

"Take two of these anytime you feel any pain and don't be afraid to return here if there's any complications that the Tests missed" Said Dr. Mizuno.

"Thank you, I will Doctor." Sho replied in place of bowing since he wasn't sure he could have stood back up.

"And Take it easy those Ribs are going to be fragile until there fully healed, which should take a week or two." Dr. Mizuno warned.

"Come on, Sho. You have 2 days of Back homework to finish." Ami said.

"Don't worry Sho, I'll help if you get stuck." Said Usagi in a cheery voice.

"(That's supposed to make me feel better)" Thought Sho.


"Ami, that communicator you gave me would be much more effective if I had one like a watch that way I couldn't lose it in a random fight." Sho stated jokingly.

Ami who appeared to take it quite seriously just said " I'll get on it tonight Sho."

"Ok then since I've been eating hospital food for two days, I feel like something a bit more flavorful." Sho said with an Usagi style stomach burble and a quick laugh.

The other girls laughed and walked off with Sho.

Unbeknownst to them They we're (once again) being watched.



End Chapter 6

Well Write and tell me how you liked it.